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Yeast and Candida

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Nearly all of us have taken antibiotics at one time or another. Almost all animal products, what we eat, contain antibiotics as well. Unfortunately, we rarely think about what antibiotics do to our intestines.

In a healthy GI tract, there is a dynamic balance between all of the resident organisms, whichinclude bacteria and yeasts. Many of these organisms cling to the walls of your gut, where they compete for "real estate". As the antibiotic passes through, it kills all bacteria, both the bad and the good. However, antibiotics do not kill yeasts, including the Candida yeast. A lot of gut wall "real estate" is freed up, because all of the bacteria are dead and gone. All that remains are the yeasts, which then wildly proliferate to occupy the free space. This is why so many people get yeast infections when they take antibiotics. *

Other causes of Candida-yeast overgrowth are:

The vaginal yeast-infection is the sign of Candida-yeast overgrowth in whole body. Click on the link below to verify possibility of connection of your health problems with Candida-yeast overgrowth.

TEST 1. Are Your Health Problems    Yeast Connected?

(By Dr. William G.Crook)

TEST 2. Candida Saliva Test

Candida albicans normally lives quietly in most of our mucous membranes, kept in check by beneficial bacteria. But once the beneficial bacteria have been destroyed, the yeast multiplies suddenly.

Miami Holistic Center Clinic  offers comprehensive and natural anti-Candida healing program which includes:

Part One-dietary modifications to kill the Candida

Part Two-restoration of friendly bacteria

Part Three-elimination of the dead Candida and toxins from the body

Part Four-restoration of good digestion, dietary supplementation.

Part Five-enhancement of the immune system.


We use the following methods:

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