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Health consultations offer you important information about ways to strengthen and enhance your body's natural healing abilities. They are NOT intended to replace your conventional medical care, but to compliment it.  All diagnostic testing is either done using saliva, bloodspot (finger prick), or stool samples and can all be done at home.

Which herbs, homeopathic remedy, nutritional supplements, exercises, and other natural methods are best for you? Gloria Moreira, A.P.  can help you make informed, intelligent choices.

Your Case Study
Thorough evaluation of your family history, past medical history, diet, lifestyle, risk factors, symptom profile, medications, and physiological stressors is first conducted.  She listens carefully to your description of the symptoms, complaints, and health goals.
All of these factors are carefully considered while performing a meticulous evaluation of your case.

You'll Receive A Personalized Health Report
Following your telephone consultation and case study, you will receive a Personalized Health Report.
This report includes specific recommendations for diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, herbs and more - a complete "action plan" to put you on the path to higher health.  This report will also include further recommended diagnostic testing if applicable.

Fertility Consult

General Health Optimization

Menopausal Hormonal Balancing

Cycling Women Hormonal Balancing

Male Hormonal Balancing

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