Miami Holistic Center

New Patient Agreement


You are about to begin a holistic and natural medicine treatment approach. As you probably already realize, many of the recommendations you will receive during this treatment are different from that which other traditional physicians may have previously made.  As a holistic practitioner, I will make recommendations to address imbalances in all areas I have observed need treatment.

Fresh whole foods diet and nutrition, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture,  meditation, and homeopathic stimulation of natural healing will be emphasized rather than drug therapy or surgery. I feel that these are the most effective ways of dealing with most of the chronic health problems faced by our culture.

It is important, as we start working together that you realize that regardless of your health issue, I am going to use only the methods that I feel are indicated in your treatment.

If you decide to have conventional drug therapy or surgery I may refer you to a specialist who can provide this service. If it is my opinion that for your well-being you should receive care from another practitioner or by other methods I will also refer you.

The therapies used may include but are not limited to the following:

         Nutritional guidance and recommendations


         Herbal remedies


         Guided imagery meditation

         Self-care massage techniques

         Castor oil packs

         Qi Gong or Exercise recommendations

Natural treatments do not typically work quickly but work over time and in a cumulative fashion.  It is important that you follow the plan exactly as prescribed to receive maximum benefits.

All elements of treatment are important and work synergistically together.  If you feel that you will have difficulty or are unable to comply with treatment, please let me know and I will help you seek a practitioner that is a better fit for you.

I believe in teaching my patients and expect you to get involved in your treatment.  I will be open to learning from you as well.

Declaration of acceptance:
I have read the previous paragraphs and agree that this is what I want and I am not expecting any treatment other than what is described here.


I also confirm that I have been informed of the standard charges and missed appointment policy.

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