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Affirmations & Creative Visualization


Affirmations are certain phrases or words said over and over out loud. The intention is to make your nervous system repattern to believe what you are telling it. This process usually takes about 30 days to complete and then a new affirmation is designed, if needed, and the process repeated.


The affirmation is said out loud from 2- 5 times a day. Usually it is a paragraph with several phrases that your guides and angels have helped me to construct and organize in a specific way, so the entire paragraph needs to be verbalized in the exact order it is written.  Most times it is exactly what you need to hear. Some of the phrases will resonate with you immediately. Others are harder to repeat.


Often a pet will need an affirmation. They need to hear the affirmation as you say it. The strange thing that I have noticed over the many years I have been doing this work is that sometimes the affirmation is partially for the owner. The animal needs to hear you say it because part of their job here on earth is to support your spiritual lessons and keep you on the right track. Often the pet gets well once they see that the owner is doing their own personal work.


The affirmations I build for my clients come from several different sources including but not limited to Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life, Bellruth Naperstak's books and audio, the book Creating Money: Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer and other inspirational/spiritual resources.


Affirmations work better and faster if they are also written out daily. Usually only 1-3 times is necessary.


I have not included the individual affirmations because there are pages and pages of them that I delve through to complete this process for you.








7.  Amen.    And So It Is.    Blessed Be.      So Be It.     Thank you God!  .


To be said out loud _________ per day for 30 days.


Sample Affirmations
Affirmations are statements of acceptance that one uses to allow the manifestation of your destiny.  They are powerful and positive thoughts and statements sent out to the universe.  To do positive affirmations, you need to eliminate the negativity around you. You must first believe that YOU CAN manifest your destiny.  It must be a positive, powerful belief not just 'maybe I'll try and see if this works".  Together with Visualizations, you can create the life you want.
  Before You Begin
  Affirmations for Daily Living
  Affirmations for Health
  Affirmations for Abundance
  Affirmations for Peace and Harmony in your Life
  Affirmations for My Spirituality
Visualizations for the Life You Want
Before You Begin 
Decide what area of your life you want to work on and then decide what you want.  There are several important points to know about affirmations: 
  • Use the present or past tense.  Do not use the future tense.  You want your mind to know it has already happened
  • Be POSITIVE.  Use the most positive terms you can.  Never use negatives in affirmations
  • Write them.  As you are learning to do affirmations, write them down so you will remember exactly what you want to say.  Keep them short and very specific.  Personalize them with your name.
  • Believe.  Always believe that what you are saying is happening.  The more you believe, the stronger the affirmation.
  • Repetition.  Being repetive and persisteant helps to set them in your head and in your unconscious being.
  • Time.  Always have a specific time daily set aside for your meditations, affirmations and visualizations.  This will help set a pattern for you so you will do them daily.
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Affirmations for Daily Living 
  • I am at peace with the Universe
  • I love and accept myself.
  • I am unique and loving, loved, and free.
  • I am safe and always feel protected.
  • I acknowledge all of my feelings because I am in touch with my feelings.
  • I am surrounded with loving, caring people in my life.
  • I am loving and accepting of others and this creates lasting frienships for me.
  • I trust my inner being to lead me in the right path.
  • I do all I can every day to make a loving environment for all those around me, including myself.
  • I am always connected with the Divine Love in the Universe.
  • My inner vision is always clear and focused.

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Affirmations for Health 
  • I have the power to control my health.
  • I am in control of my health and wellness.
  • I have abundant energy, vitality and well-being.
  • I am healthy in all aspects of my being.
  • I do not fear being unhealthy because I know that I control my own body.
  • I am always able to maintain my ideal weight.
  • I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life.
  • My mind is at peace.
  • I love and care for my body and it cares for me.
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Affirmations for Abundance 
  • I am a success in all that I do.
  • Everything I touch returns riches to me.
  • I am always productive.
  • My work is always recognized positively.
  • I respect my abilities and always work to my full potential.
  • I am constantly adding to my income.
  • I always spend money wisely.
  • A always have enough money for all that I need.
  • I am rewarded for all the work I do.
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Affirmations for Peace and Harmony in your Life 
  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I am always in harmony with the Universe.
  • I am filled with the Love of the Universal Divine Truth.
  • I am at peace with all those around me.
  • I have provided a harmonious place for myself and those I love
  • The more honest I am with those around me, the more love is returned to me.
  • I express anger in appropriate ways so that peace and harmony are balanced at all times.
  • I am at one with the inner child in me.
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Affirmations for My Spirituality 
  • I am free to be myself.
  • I am a forgiving and loving person.
  • I am responsible for my own Spiritual Growth.
  • I have given myself permission to be at one with the Universe.
  • My strength comes from forgiveness of those who hurt me.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • The more I love, the more that love is returned to me.
  • Love is eternal and ever-lasting.
  • I nurture my inner child, love her and have allowed her to heal.
  • I am responsible for my life and always maintain the power I need to be positive and have joy.
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General Daily Visualizations 
After preparations to your area are made, get into your comfortable position (as described in Meditations), and close your eyes.  See yourself awakening in the morning, stretching and smiling at the start of a new day.  Get out of bed and make your coffee, tea or whatever is your usual morning beverage.  See yourself sitting at the table smiling and enjoying your beverage.  Now, see yourself going to the bathroom, showering or bathing, and getting dressed.  Hear yourself welcoming the new day.  See yourself leaving for the workplace or beginning your household chores.  See the bounce in your step as you proceed to start a new and glorious day. 
To see or form a mental picture of something. ArtLex
To form a mental visual image Miriam-Webster Dictionary
A mental image produced by the imagination WordNet
To make visible Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
To visualize what you want is to have it.  That may seem a simple task or to some a childish view of life.  But neither is true.  While the simplicity is inherent in the belief of manifesting your destiny, the life you live to do this is not.  It is a belief you live out of love and truth.  Childish?  Yes and no.  It IS getting back to the child-like wonder that the world is full of love and caring.  But it is not a simplistic vision of life or a simple one.  One must truly believe that you can visualize and 'see' what you want.  The technique IS simple, but the task is not unless you TRULY BELIEVE in yourself and that you can change and manifest what you want.
What are Visualizations?
Why do they Work?
How do you do it?
General Daily Visualizations
Specific Visualizations
What are Visualizations? 
Visualizations are images we create in our mind.  The word means, literally, to see in your mind.  Your mind makes mental movies that you will play over and over again.  Our brain and it's subconscious functions Ďrememberí the things we see Ė the smile of a new baby, the rainbow over the meadow, etc.  We can recreate these images over and over again in our minds.  Thus, creating Ďmoviesí of what we want does the same thing.  It is entered directly into our subconscious as what has actually been seen by us.  It is real to our brain.  We have actually seen the image we created.  Thus we create the reality we want.   

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Why do they Work? 
"Seeing is believing." We BELIEVE what our eyes see.  This is true for visual seeing as well as mental seeing.  As you create an image in your mind, your brain believes it is happening and real.  Repetition of the visions causes the image to become more real.  Your mind begins to believe it actually has happened.  Itís an event that has taken place.  Combined with affirmations, it becomes a powerful tool to create what you want. 

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How do you do it? 
Set aside a time and place for your meditations, visualization and affirmations.  Itís better if you can do it at the same time every day.  Visualization begins by closing your eyes and creating a mental image of what you want.  At first this may seem a bit strange and the images are unclear.  Thatís all right.  The more you practice, the clearer the images become.  Always try to picture the same images every day, adding more detail as you become more comfortable with the process.  We will go into more detail in specific visualizations and affirmations. Look at the pictures in your mind as a movie, with yourself as the lead actor.

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Mental Preparation
Physical Preparation
You're Ready
Mental Preparation 
Talk to yourself and give yourself permission to have 30-60 minutes of time where only you are the concern; that all other activities may cease;  that all other thoughts can be left until after your time with yourself.  Always be positive that this is for your good and it is all right to do this for your self.  You will become more effective and more energized if you take the time for you.

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Physical Preparation 
Find a comfortable chair or area to sit.  A place that will not intrude on your thoughts.  Your body must be relaxed.  This can be done with yoga or other exercises, a hot bath, deep breathing.  Lighting incense sometimes helps.  Do whatever relaxes your body.  You may also find it helpful to use an object to fixate on when you are beginning meditation.  Candles work well since the flicker of the flame requires concentration.  Gazing at flickering lights also work well (such as a skyline in the evening).

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Physical preparation includes finding a quiet time in your day when negativity is at a minimum.  It may mean going to a special place that is yours alone at a time when there is the least amount of activity around. 

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You're Ready 
Once all  the preparations are in place and you are relaxed, sit and concentrate on your object while slowly breathing in - and - out.  Empty all  
thoughts from your mind so that all you can see or think of is your object and your breathing.  With each breath in tell yourself that your are breathing in the energy of the Universe.  Breathe out the stress and relax each muscle of your body beginning at your feet and moving up.  After your feet are completely relaxed, concentrate on your ankles.  Concentrate on them being loose and fluid.  Once your ankles are loosen, feel your calf muscles relaxing, then your thighs.  As you feel the warmth in your muscles, feel them getting lighter and lighter.  Feel them floating to the surface of a white cloud.  Continue to feel your muscles relaxing as your concentration travels up your body to your head.  As the muscles relax, see your body surfacing to the top of the cloud.  Empty your mind of all thoughts and just concentrate on floating on the soft, downy cloud.  FEEL your body floating.  SEE yourself surrounded with the white light of the cloud.

Slowly, slowly begin your affirmations. 

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Visualize What You Want In Your Life
You can create the life you want.  Bring into your life what you visualize and affirm.  Following are some specific examples to get you started on a new life for yourself. 
  Career   Pregnancy 
  Emotional Healing    Prosperity
  Health    Romance
Begin your movie.  See yourself doing the kind of work you want to do.  See how it helps others.  Picture yourself being praised for the work you do.  See how you can now help others with your new career.  Deposit your paycheck, see the numbers as you complete the deposit slip.  See your new workplace and picture yourself happy and content at having reached your goals.  See the things in your environment that surround you in your career that you want.

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Emotional Healing 
Begin your movie.  Picture the time you were hurt or in pain from someone else.  See yourself putting your arms around the person you then were.  If it's from childhood, picture yourself as a child.  Be the adult that is comforting and caring for the child.  See yourself protecting the child from the harm coming its way.  Talk to the 'inner child' and see why she hurts or is in pain.  Let her know she is now safe and nurtured and free from harm.  Allow the feelings to be taken away as the adult you loves and protects.  See the child now growing: happy, healthy, confident in her being.  As you heal one wound, move to the next until you have healed the child and she knows she is loved and protected.

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Begin your movie.  See yourself strong, vital and healthy. Affirm that any problems with your health are now healed and your are once again a vibrant, healthy being.  See the healing energy you create seeping into and healing every cell of your body.  See yourself doing all the things you are now capable of doing.  See yourself going about your tasks with a spring and liveliness to your step, smiling, happy. 

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Begin your movie.  See the sperm racing to meet the egg your ovaries have just released.  Watch as the cells begin to multiply and begin forming your baby.  See yourself shopping for the layette and furniture as your pregnancy grows.  Picture yourself at all stages of your pregnancy, with the child growing within you.  See yourself and your partner spending quiet time with your baby as you read to the growing child within your body.

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Begin your movie. See yourself experiencing your prosperity and wealth. See the things that now surround you with your success.  Watch as you enjoy the things your success has brought.  See the good things you are doing with the money you now have.  See yourself helping others in a way you never could before.  Watch as you deposit your paycheck in the bank, see the amount you are now earning. See the freedom money has now brought to you.  See yourself enjoying this new freedom in your life.

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Begin your movie.  Picture yourself happy with your partner.  Feel the love surrounding you as you make plans together (The face and body of your partner are not important.  The feeling you get from the relationship is.)  See yourself doing things with your partner, sharing talks and activities that you both enjoy.  Find the most pleasurable   time you spend with your partner and see it happening.

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To visualize what you want is to have it.  That may seem a simple task or to some a childish view of life.  But neither is true.  While the simplicity is inherent in the belief of manifesting your destiny, the life you live to do this is not.  It is a belief you live out of love and truth.  Childish?  Yes and no.  It IS getting back to the child-like wonder that the world is full of love and caring.  But it is not a simplistic vision of life or a simple one.  One must truly believe that you can visualize and 'see' what you want.  The technique IS simple, but the task is not unless you TRULY BELIEVE in yourself and that you can change and manifest what you want.
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