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Alletess 184 IgG Food Sensitivity Test

Sample Report

About Food Allergies

We have been doing the 184 IgG (delayed food reaction) food sensitivity test in our clinic routinely now. Many health related problems have been associated with food intolerances such as obesity and autoimmune problems.

Allergies and Weight Loss: 

Weight gain may be due to allergies to food or food intolerances. When immune complexes form, the body retains fluid to try and dilute the complexes and make them less concentrated. This excess fluid causes weight gain. 60% of the U.S. suffers from undetected food allergies. n People often crave foods they are allergic to.

When one eats a food they are allergic to, it sets off chemical reactions including neurotransmitter responses. People get a “high” from eating foods that start an allergic-inflammatory response. One gets addicted to this “high” feeling. Symptoms of allergy usually do not occur until hours or days later, so people do not relate the ingestion of this food to a substance that they are allergic to.

The top four foods that cause allergies are wheat, dairy products, soy, and eggs. Other common foods that frequently result in allergic responses are barley, beef, chocolate, citrus, coffee, nuts, rye, seafood, sugar, tea, and tomatoes.







































































































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